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Frequently Asked Questions

1、What is a GlamSmile veneer?
A GlamSmile veneer is the newest product from Europe. Its thin layer, elegant appearance, and precise fit are designed with our 3-D max technique. The thinnest part can reach up to 0.2mm. Just very thin and hard coverings are installed on your original teeth by our professional dentist to change the shape, size, and cover the original colour of your teeth cosmetically. They are mainly suited for tetracycline pigmented teeth, dental fluorosis, divided teeth, ugly shape, etc.
2、What is it made from?
Glamsmile veneers are made by high quality European ceramic which contains no metal。
3、What characterises the 3D technique?
Glamsmile patent 3D technique:
1)Can provide automatic operation design;
2)Stereo preview, ensures that doctors and guests can truly grasp the veneers effect;
3)High precision ensures the perfect fit of dental veneers and original teeth。
4、How many veneers can generally be worn??
Our customers generally choose the 16 veneers package in which the parts face out when you smile or talk, but after comprehensive examination results, a change in selection can be considered.。
5、Does it require grinding on my original teeth? Does it hurt? Is the process hypoallergenic?
GlamSmile veneers are ultra-thin which is different from normal veneers and crowns. Our veneers generally require no grinding down of healthy tooth structure, no reshaping, or anaesthetic during the placement, so it won't hurt. After installation there will not be any long-term pain, discomfort, allergy or other problems.
6、How is the placement? How many times should I come to your clinic?
You need to come to our clinic twice. The first time your dentist will check your teeth then take impressions. At the 2nd visit we will install your veneers. We use our patent Glamsmile position tray which can install 10 veneers at the same time for each arch. The whole procedure is easy.
7、How many long does the veneer last? Is there any guarantee?
GlamSmile veneers are confirmed to last forever after tests. It's a constant restoration. It can be used forever if properly handled and given daily maintenance。Also it has a 5-year warranty.
8、Can I eat food after installing my veneer? What should I take notice of when I eat hard food?
You can eat food normally after installing your veneer just like with our original teeth, but improper use, like eating melon seeds can intensify the wear on your teeth.Everything has its limits. Just as if you were to treat your original teeth improperly, you can also damage your veneers. Pay attention when eating hard foods, such as: crab, nuts, etc. You can eat these using the required tools, but do not bite down on them directly.
9、How is maintenance done?
The porcelain veneer is not easily stained, but in order to maintain the brightness and oral hygiene, you should brush your teeth twice at home, and floss, apply the maintenance plan and go to the clinic for detailed examination by a professional dentist .
Please contact our hotline  4006-301-951  or email to Sales@GlamSmile.cn for further information.