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Check if you need to repair teeth?

  1.Do you feel confident when you smile?
  2.Are you more likely to cover mouth when you smile?
  3.Do you think it will be nicer if you photo yourself in a different angle?
  4.Do you believe that others may have a better smile than you?
  5.When you read magazines,do you wish your smile look like models?
  6.Do you think that you have teeth problems when you look into the mirror?
  7.Do you want your teeth to be whiter?
  8.Are you satisfied with the way your gums look?
  9.Do you think that you expose too many/little teeth when you smile?
  10.Have your teeth been filled or repaired with crowns?
  11.Are your teeth long/short?
  12.Does your gum turn black where the crown is installed?
  13.Are the incised part of your teeth square/round?
  14.Are you satisfied with the shape of your teeth? Test begin redo.


Would you like to see youself after veneers ?

You can have a look after taking the test!

Smile test

Steps:1、Put the mouse on the picture which is the most similar to your teeth;
        2、The picture will show the after effect of the veneers;
        3、Please contact us:4006-301-951 or email to sales@GlamSmile.cn。

Big gaps

 * We guarantee that these are real cases without modification.